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Social and Recreational Activities

Eaton Township boasts a community park on Royalton Road with a playground, basketball facilities, a baseball field, and a 1/2 mile walking trail. Equipment monies have been set-aside in the Township budget for further park improvements down the road. A volunteer park board oversees the park maintenance and recommends policies and suggestions for the park's improvement for the benefit of all residents.

The Midview School District also provides the North Eaton Hot Stove League with a baseball complex located on Durkee Road behind Brush Elementary School.

Many social services and sports organizations can be found within Eaton Township, including: scouting, 4-H, soccer, baseball/softball, and political and veterans groups.

Eaton Township is also home to four golf courses.

Margaret Peak Nature Preserve

Eaton Township has received a gift from Margaret L. Peak of approximately 98 acres of land located on Butternut Ridge Rd. to be named the Margaret Peak Nature Preserve. It is Mrs. Peak's wish to establish and maintain a nature preserve on this farm land for the residents of the Township to enjoy and get away from the hectic pace of everyday life. Mrs. Peak desires to preserve in Lorain County for future generations an area devoted to its natural setting. It is the intention of Mrs. Peak and the Eaton Township Trustees that the premises be allowed to grow as much as is possible in its natural state and limit buildings, construction and hardtop surfaces to those which are absolutely necessary to allow visitors to the area and to maintain the premises. Click here to view the proposed Preserve's Rules and Regulations.

♦Trees or other plants will be planted and trail ways will be constructed throughout the premises.

♦A roadway constructed with natural materials will be put in for public access and parking to the premises.

♦Any existing wetlands will be preserved. This may be done through the conversion of areas into ponds or lakes, but the wetlands are not to be filled in.

♦No hunting shall be permitted on the premises, except as may be necessary to regulate the animal population for health and safety concerns.

♦Noise of activities permitted on the premises shall be kept below a level which unreasonably disturbs neighboring properties.

♦No alcohol or intoxicating beverages shall ever be bought, sold or consumed upon the premises, nor shall gambling in any form be permitted upon the premises.

♦The premises shall be policed and maintained to be kept clean and reasonably free of litter, garbage and other such debris.

A Peak Nature Preserve & Park Board Committee has been formed. Those members include Debbie Bishop, Robert Zavesky, Ruth Reid, Barbara Galvin, Dallie Smith, Tyler Cotton, and Thomas Harrod.

Excavation of 2 ponds at the Margaret Peak Nature Preserve has been completed. Each pond has a 3-acre surface area and is 10-12 feet deep. Both ponds were constructed at no cost to Eaton Township as payment for the fill material excavated from them that was used by Kokosing Corporation to construct the southern ramp for the ODOT railroad overpass on Avon Belden Rd. in N. Ridgeville.

The 5-acre wetlands, which is located adjacent to the west pond, were designed by the Lorain Soil & Water Conservation District of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. A $32,000 grant for their construction was obtained from the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program of the United States Department of Agriculture. Excavation and construction of the wetlands was completed on July 20, 2006.

The entrance sign and frontage fence manufactured from recycled plastics define the Butternut Ridge location where the public will access the Preserve when it is ready for use. Grants totaling $3,000 from the Lorain County Solid Waste District paid for 83% of the purchase costs of these materials. Township Road Dept. personnel installed the sign and fence after the soybean crop was harvested this fall. A second grant ($8,362) from the Lorain County Solid Waste District will pay for 67% of the materials to construct another 992 feet of fence along the preserve's access corridor adjacent to Fortune Ditch.

Development of the Nature Preserve will be completed in stages and the tillable land will be farmed until it is ready for planting in trees or grasses to prevent exotic vegetation from invading the tract. Gravel trails winding through the various habitats such as ponds, woodlands, wetlands, and grasslands will allow visitors to experience the renewal offered by contact with the vegetation and wildlife native to Eaton Township before it was farmed and developed.

Midview Walking Path

Click HERE for information on the Midview Walking Path.