Welcome to Eaton Township

"A rural community growing into the future"



                                                                               Township Zoning Map:

Eaton Township Zoning Map is current, it was revised 2-19-2016.  Please contact the Zoning Inspector at 440-748-6706 if you have any questions.   Click
hereto see Township Zoning map

for more information. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required.

                                                                            Township Fire Hydrant Map

This Hydrant map is current, it was revised in 2017.  Click here to see the Hyrdrant map

                                                                     NOACA Facility Planning Area Map 

This map is the most recent one provided to the Township.  Last update date is 5-29-2016.   Click here to view map.

                                                                               Eaton Township Road Map

This map was last updated on 12-8-2015.   Click here to view map.

                                                   Eaton Township Postal Service Map

We are unsure of the date of this map - (we are looking into getting this updated) - click here to see map